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Made in USA Quality
Nothing plated. You deserve 14K Gold, Sterling, & Gold Filled.
24-Month Repair Warranty
Dedicated to service and quality, 100% satisfaction is our goal.

The Fox and Me jewelry designs embolden women’s spirts, renew their inner confidence, and to rejoice in nature’s beauty.  It’s not just gold wire, silver solder, and faceted gemstones; these raw materials we use are chosen specifically to awaken your inner fox. Express your wild self with a refined minimalist approach. Foxes are fierce, confident, and strong. Much like me, and like you. 

Committed to Quality 

All of our products are made in our studio in Southern California where the sun likes to play.

Like the sun’s commitment to keeping our coast warm, we are committed to high standards of quality in both product and customer service. 

We only use high-quality ingredients like 14K gold filled, sterling silver, and 14K gold. We promise our jewelry will not chip to reveal a mysterious material underneath. We only guarantee happy surprises.

The Jewelry Dilemma

When shopping for jewelry, it was challenging to discover designs that were reasonably priced, unique, yet built to last. Examining the options closely, the "manufactured-ness" of designs was apparent. Even fancy name brands' designs often included shortcuts (like not fully wire-wrapping a connection closed), plated metals that would melt off like ice cream in summer, and plastic pieces that resembled real stones.  I wanted to build a jewelry brand that believed in quality over quick and easy manufacturing. 

Also, when a piece of jewelry broke, there was hardly an easy way to get it repaired. The lady behind the counter is just there to ring up the sale, and asking her to communicate with the brand may not be an option and if it is, it may be weeks before the issue gets solved. 

24-Month Repair Warranty 



After working over six years in a jewelry store where repairs were brought in daily, I learned about people's frustrations with jewelry breaking, discoloring, and them feeling tricked into being sold something they thought was more precious than the same thing in which plastic bottles are made.

We are the makers, so we can answer questions more quickly and more accurately than the middleman and we know exactly how to fix our pieces if they happen to break.  

That's why we offer a 24 - month no questions asked repair policy.

  We simply believe in being honest and transparent so feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Giving Back


We donate 10% of profits back into society hoping to create a brighter future.  You can select from 5 charities that we proudly support for us to donate 10% of your sale's profits. We can change the world through education, feeding the poor, protecting our environment, and nurturing animals. We want to help the world any way we can, and that starts with a simple choice of a charity that resonates with you. We want you to wear our jewelry with pride knowing your choice can change lives.
It’s not just about “me” in the world, it’s about all of us together. The world and me. The fox and me.
We are currently supporting the following 5 charities. You can visit their website for more information. 
    1. Action Against Hunger
    2. Best Friends Animal Society
    3. Girls inc.
    4. National Parks Foundation