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Free Spirit Sparrow Stamped Coin Necklace

$ 58.00

You feel the earth beneath your feet. You hear the wind like a symphony. The sky above you guides your days . The wildflowers whisper lullaby's as you lay your head to rest. You are a free spirit.

A flock of birds is hand stamped into a thick premium disc and darkened for detail.

Want to add an extender chain?


  • Thick 22m disc
  • Length on Model is 24 inches
  • Available in 14K Gold Filled, Sterling Silver
  • Every piece is made to order in sunny California
  • Comes with a handy polishing cloth
  • Built to wear every day | no chipping metal or funny discoloration
  • Gift ready packaging

Everyday Wear

 *14K gold filled jewelry is a better quality choice than the average costume jewelry that has been "dipped" in a thin gold colored plating. At least 5% of the total weight of gold filled items is 14K gold which has been mechanically bonded to the base layer of brass. This means the shine will last through your everyday wear.  Sterling silver will tarnish with time, but can be cleaned up with your given polishing cloth.